Lost Island Lake Lodge July 2017

As Linda and I were planning our post retirement activities, we put together a “bucket list” of fun things to see and do.  Going back to Lac Seul and to enjoy island living at a cabin at Lost Island Lake Lodge was at the very top of our list.

After one night in a cabin near the lodge, the resort owner Shane Hayes retrofitted our cabin to accommodate a guest that required a motorized scooter, so we moved to a large cabin with a nice deck facing west.  What a spectacular view!


Our guide Sam took us on a long boat ride to find the fish. Lac Seul is an enormous body of water and Sam knows where the hot spots are.

After preparing an excellent shore lunch, Sam noticed a black bear that clearly could smell the fried fish from quite a distance away.  We quickly loaded the boat and Sam dumped the grease on the sand.  We watched the bear make his way over to us. (click image to enlarge)


As the bear reached the beach where we had enjoyed the shore lunch just moments before, the bear first stood and hissed at us while we were safely in the boat.  Sam tried to throw drift wood and splash water to scare off the bear, but there was no stopping him as he closed in on his dinner.


We had a mix of nice weather and rain.  Fishing was tough until the last day, when we pulled in one fish after another all day.  When we ran out of minnows, the fish kept biting on soft body plastic jigs.  Linda even caught a smallmouth bass along with lots of nice Walleyes.  What a fun day!

We enjoyed watching the eagles soar and hearing the loons cry.


We ate well each day, with fish boil on the deck to celebrate our successful day on the water.

It was a wonderful, fun and relaxing trip!






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